ponedeljek, 19. januar 2015

5 fingers : Gaia's Creative Hand at the Core of Venice

on 26 of December 2014, Marko Pogačnik, Ivana Petan and me visited Venice . 

We followed the inspiration of  Marko, newly recognized identity of emerging Venice . The drawing Mako made is an open right hand centered in bacino (water space between water front of San Marco, San Giorgio, Giudecca and Zattere )

5 fingers of the right hand  are connecting  five locations related also to five elements 
San Giorgio / "universe"
Salute/ air 
San Geminiano (which was demolished by Napoleon 1807) / earth
San Marco / fire
San Zaccaria / water
Images are documents of my respond to this very special day .

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četrtek, 04. december 2014

Exhibition-info about "Lost and Found "

two jung curators "OUT AND ABOUT " did there first show ))

Show, for us that participated, did not meant to be a"reference event" / the composites of photos and paintings ..were there mostly because we could and want to responded to the theme :"…..The theme of the exhibition is transitioning from one living space to another and how it affects individual. It concentrates on the inner adjustments and how cultural shock contributes to the loss and discovery of yourself. " Some of this work really inspired me ! and the point that such "spontaneous " event could bring fresh "breeze of information" on the level that could be placed anywhere )) did tell me that art want to move free and hopefully also consume free .. more views

My friends from Maribor triggered me to participate ..