sobota, 10. maj 2014

Selffish project in Sarajevo : 2014 )) was well over the expectations !

Dear Friends, a collective artwork, the project- Synergies of Sarajevo – expressing European identity in the eyes of the Sarajevo people 2012, 2013, 2014, was also this 3rd and last year of the collective project very successful ! Now we are almost 1000 people who co-created it ! Bosnians - The Sarajevo people - and actually everybody who stayed in the time of the project in Sarajevo could become a member of this open project and express her/himself with self-portrait and statement about Europe !

The tradition of common heart&mind society, as Mr. Spahić the director of the festival Sarajevska Zima exposed, is that everybody who come in Sarajevo is accepted as a citizen of Sarajevo ! Creative and open heart expressions as self-portraits AND different opinions with one common point that Bosnia is part of Europe Culture from ever, are now ready to make great shows !

During 2014 TWO exhibitions with new self-portraits&statements were exhibited, one in  Hotel Europe***** Sarajevo :
and one in Hanikah gallery -new gallery in Baščaršija/Sarajevo:
ON 29th of May the opening of the next show of the project will be in Slovenian Etnographic Museum in Ljubljana - gallery SEM - and wil be open till 30 June 
AND 17th of June the opening of the next show of the project will be in Kosovel Culture House in Sežana (SLO) 

more about the project and access to the galleries of Self-portraits&statements are here :

četrtek, 03. april 2014

LaicaM8 + Volkslander lenses 21mm,25mm,50mm for sale / first owner

Laica M8 + Volkslander 21mm/f4 ,25mm/f4 ,50mm/f4 for sale (contact
2012 july, sensor was replaced with NEW at Laica Camera AG/Customer Care

after that camera was practically not in use.

Now there is a small defect on the back screen (small darker aria in the middle) which in many conditions(darker image ) you do not notice it. AND of course it does not appeare on the image )))

Three Volkslander lenses (with two Laica adapters )
    21 mm f4 Color Skopar                                   25 mm f4 Snapshot Skopar     
focus connection to Laica(split finder) did not work from NEW ! Focus actually works. 
                                        50 mmf1.4 Noktor

21 mm and 25 mm viewfinder